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Best way to make number plates

Are you trying to find somewhere that sells customisable car based presents this Christmas? They’ve got the autographs, they’ve got that old toy car, they’ve even got an old beaten up advert poster from the 1960s. What is there left?!

How about a custom show plate? A show plate is a customisable number plate that you can create to either reflect a favourite make of car or just other interests. You can simply make a number plate with the text and message that you would like. You can even add images and photos to make it the perfect Christmas present.

Traditionally a show plate is a type of number plate which is displayed on show cars, therefore it does not have to be registered and is not suitable for use on a typical car. This also means that there is no official limit on how or what a show plate must look like. You can have whatever size or background colour that you could imagine, meaning that you can make it as unique to the intended owner.

You can make the number plate into a celebratory message or make it recreate a particularly favourite car. Here at ProPlates we have created an easy to use customer designer where you can design your perfect show plate before sending it to us to become the perfect Christmas present. Visit our website to witness all the design options we have to offer!

“Better quality”

Better quality than the others I have previously used and I love all the options available on the plate builder tool they offer. I received my order before the estimated delivery date.

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