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  • Differences Between Showplates And Regular Number Plates

    5 Apr 2017
    Top Quality Showplates from Pro Plates Drivers procuring a law abiding number plate, should always feel safe that what they are buying will be 100% inside the law, but what is it about a car number plate that will guarantee your vehicle will avoid the wrong attention? Changing your car plate to what is considered against regulation and classed an offense, the can bring with it a penalty for driving with an illegal number plate and a maximum fine of £1,000. And more, a car ...
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  • What To Expect From Car Number Plates In 2017?

    5 Apr 2017
    The new 2017 number plates are out now, so if you if you've been thinking of splashing out on a new car, now could be a great time to do it. The '17' registration numbers will be out for six months before '67' plates are presented in September, but while any car owner can get up-to-date plates, others opt for something a little cooler than that. It will cost you a little more though. The Government made more than £25,000,000 through DVLA personalised number plate auctions last year, one ...
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  • How Long Does a Private Registration Transfer Take?

    23 Mar 2017
    The DVLA estimate roughly 6 weeks to finalise your prized number transfer once all the official papers have been obtained by them, even though most people have said it usually takes no more than 7 to 10 working days, contingent on whether the registration is on a retention document or on a car itself. Some months of the year are more obviously more demanding than others as you can picture. The 3 weeks prior to Christmas are generally so hectic that the finished papers are not distributed ...
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  • Custom Number Plates In Kenia

    15 Mar 2017
    Did you know there are only seven Kenyan cars with customised number plates? Outrageous. Calling Kenya, get in touch with us today. What’s in a custom number plate for your car? Well, everything actually. It’s a personalised plate that is seen as a statement of individuality. With more than 10,000 cars pouring onto the Kenyan roads during peak seasons, only a few car owners are choosing to opt for custom number plates. The ...
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  • New Number Plates ’17’ Released

    4 Mar 2017
    March 1st means the release of the new 17 number plates for UK roads for your new cars, and Bikes. Every year there are two releases of number plate registrations, March 1st (17) and September 1st which will be the 67’s to coin-side with the current year 2017. This opens up a vast amount of possible registrations to read names or something personal to you. The release of the new 17 registration Number Plates means now is a great time to pick up ...
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  • How To Dispose Old UK Number Plates

    22 Sep 2016
    Did you know that number plates on cars, motorbikes and other vehicles in the UK are one of the most lucrative items that you can recycle from a vehicle before it gets ditched? Numerous people think that number plates only have any worth to somebody else if they are short and carry a name or someone’s initials, which is absolutely not the case. Recent information released by the DVLAs auction admin staff has confirmed that in recent months the most appealing and sought-after number plates ...
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  • How To Choose The Best Car Number Plate

    25 Aug 2016
    In a world where buyers are restricted by the number and letter mixtures they can use on their car, locating a special personalised number plate for your car is rare. Car owners can purchase these items straight from the DVLA, or they can inspect auctions online to find a wide assortment of prized number plates up for sale. Shoppers who focus on the individual personal message behind the plate while sticking close to their budget without getting bogged down in a bidding war or expensive extras ...
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  • Stunning Ideas For Personalised Number Plates

    22 Aug 2016
    Are you contemplating buying a personalised number plate, but you’re uncertain about what to have on it? Yes? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Pro Plates, we’ll share with you a whole wealth of ideas, so you’ll no doubt think of something that you’ll be pleased with in the end. If you love your profession, then why not show off your passion via your number plate? There’s certain to be a word or phrase that ...
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  • How To Choose The Best Private Number Plates Provider

    18 Aug 2016
    Pro Plates – Delivering the best first class service for our clients. Here at Pro Plates we offer a huge range of different number plates, counting replacement car plates, Motorbike plates, Novelty Plates, van plates, caravan plates, 4x4 plates. We even do truck, trailer or agricultural vehicle. Just give us a ring if you’re not sure, we love a challenge. So Why choose us?'s is an online show plates designer and private number ...
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  • Choose The Right Number Plate Makers For Your vehicle

    26 Jul 2016
    Custom number plates are more than just a way for your car to look distinguished. Your number plates can truly say a lot about you and your personality. The DVLA’s number plates used in the UK produce mixtures of characters which can convey a similarity to everyday names and words if manipulated correctly. This, combined with the initials hodgepodges of initials as well that are available on number plates, means that there is a custom number plate out there for nearly everyone. By now ...
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