March 20, 2019 1 min read

When we heard that a new product was coming to the Uk number plate world and it was being labelled 4D we thought wow the 4th dimension! what could it be?.

We all have been to a 4d cinema experience which had the added stimulation of blowing wind in your face, water squirting in time with the movie and the occasional bubbles falling from the ceiling, surely not a number plate or show plate on the back of your car blowing bubbles out the back!. 

How good would it be driving around the UK with millions of drivers releasing millions of bubbles through the streets, Maybe electric cars could do this out of a fake exhaust to show how green they are.

As Pro plates are the leading manufacturer of high-end quality plates for the best price Sorry for the plug! but we are!  we had to do our research into 4D number plates and how disappointed we were!

4D number plates

4D number plates are not to be confused with 3D Gel plates, the so-called 4d plates are just literally black plastic letters cut by a CNC machine or laser ( we have also seen cut by hand believe it or not! ) and glued to the front of the plate, 4D plates are not road legal don't let anyone tell you otherwise, If they do just call the DVLA or check with your local MOT service centre.

So no 4D claim is confusing as its just 3D cut plastic, no bubbles, water or wind! If you are looking for 3d gel number plates please visit our great selection. 

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