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Custom Car Number Plates


Customised Car Plates for Your Vehicle in the UK

Whether you call them car plates or number plates, you need to have them to drive the roads in the UK. Car plates show the registration number for your car, allowing police to identify the vehicle on sight in the event of an accident or a crime. Back in 2001, the UK revised its requirements for car number plates, which are now based on visibility. Plates must be reflective and strong, and they have to uphold certain design standards laid out in the new guidelines, so they can be seen from afar.

Still, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency left room for some personalization. Your number plates will be part of your car for a long time to come, so why not have the ones you want?

When you use Pro Plates to design your customized car number plates online, you can rest assured these plates will meet all the regulations in the UK. You can get the style, colour and background you want, without violating any codes. Best of all, you add some personality to a place where you spend so much of your time — your car.

How Do I Design Customised Car Number Plates in the UK?

You can design your car plate online with our Number Plates Builder. We offer a range of choices to personalise your plate. We even allow you to add badges, borders and slogans to your unique design.

Before you start, you’ll need to register with the DVLA. Get your registration number through the proper channels, then have it with you when you’re ready to design your customised car plates for the UK. We can’t register you for new plates.

The next step is easy and fun. Begin exploring the many options we offer for customised car number plates for sale. You can play around with our online tool to try out different looks and styles.

Why Get Your Car Plates From Pro Plates?

We are the most trusted online plate builder in the UK. People rely on us for excellent products and customer service that’s second to none. We pay attention to the details, so you get the license plate you want.

Design Your Own Car Plate Today

Get a car plate that says something about yourself and your life. Make a statement and use our building tool to get started on your own custom car plate now.

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“Fantastic service”

Fantastic service, have ordered around 20-30 plates from this company and always delivered on time with excellent service! Will continue to use them!
Bilal Kahn

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