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Driving Plates


Design and Buy Customised Driving Number Plates Online

You can refer to them as driving plates, number plates, registration plates or car plates, but they’re all the same thing — the license plates on UK cars that certify they are road-legal. You can’t drive a car in the UK unless you have registered it with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. The DVLA keeps a log of all registered cars, and this allows law enforcement to identify them if they’re involved in an accident, theft or other type of crime.

While every car must have a driving plate, not every car has to look the same. You may have noticed customised driving plates across the UK with different styles of lettering or badges.

These personalised designs help give a car some personality. While they still adhere to the guidelines released in 2001 regarding number plate design and appearance, they also add a little bit of fun into the everyday task of driving. Shouldn’t life include a good deal of fun? If you like the way these customised driving number plates look, we invite you to check out our number plate builder today to start designing your driving number plates today!


How to Get Your Driving Plate in the UK

Using our design tool to make a personalised driving plate is easy and fun. But before you start, you’ll need to register your plate with DVLA. We can’t register new plates — we can only work with ones that have already been registered. Once you have that information, you can get started with our online builder.

It offers you the chance to customise many parts of the license plate, from the text style and background to the slogan. You make your choices, and the online tool updates to reflect what they’ll look like on your license plate. All the while, our tool ensures the plate still follows design restraints mandated by the DVLA. Your car will still have a legal license plate, even though it’s different than others you see on the street.


Where Should Your Customised Driving Plate Go?

You will want to affix your new license plate to the car when it arrives, usually within two to three business days. Even if you’ve never done this before, you won’t have any problems. Just use one of our fixing kits, which will walk you through the steps.


Why Use Pro Plates to Design Your Driving Plate?

Our top-notch customer service, excellent quality and commitment to our customers, as well as our strong reputation, make us the top choice for customised driving plates in the UK. We’d love the opportunity to win your business.

Start Designing Your New Personalised License Plate Today

Get this license plate show on the road by designing something that reflects your personality. You can get a fun new driving plate with minimal hassle. Check out our Number Plate Builder Online now to design your custom plate today!

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Outstanding customer experience an service from ProPlates all round from start to finish from designing them on there website build tool to the customer relations an online chat with staff all fantastic a big thank you to Danielle on the staff who kept me up to date with my delivery info an who was a professional an pleasure to talk to. Would highly recommend to anyone private or dealership to use ProPlates for all legal an custom show plates.

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