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Registration Number Plates

Customised Registration Number Plates Online

Have you ever heard someone talking about “registration plates” for their car? A registration plate is the same thing as a number plate or car plate. It’s the license plate on your car that attests to the fact that you’ve filed the right paperwork with the DVLA. The DVLA requires this because it makes it easier for law enforcement to track cars in the event of an accident or criminal act.

But every registration plate is not created equal. While all are required to follow the same basic guidelines, laid out in a 2001 update designed to standardise number plate design, there’s still some room for creativity within those rules. That’s why we have custom-designed registration number plates online for our UK customers. You can make and display your own, without worry if it adheres to all the regulations in the UK.

Get a Personalised Registration Plate to Reflect Your Personality

To get your customised plate, you can use our Number Plate Builder, which lets you build the license plate that will best reflect your sensibilities and your personality. But first, you must register your vehicle with the DVLA. You must own a registration already before you can manufacture your plate.

Once you’ve registered your vehicle, you can play around with the many variables on our site until you’re satisfied with the design. You might tweak:

  • Colour
  • Text Size
  • Badges
  • Background
  • Slogan


Where to Put Your Newly Designed Registration Plate

It’ll take just a few business days for your new customised license plate to arrive in the mail. Then, put it on your car with our license plate accessories kits. These screws, nuts and bolts, along with the adhesive fitting pads, help you decide where to put the plate so it’s safely attached.

Design Your Own Personalised Registration Number Plate Today

You spend a lot of time in your car. Shouldn’t you drive a vehicle that says something about you? When you design a customised number plate, you have the opportunity to make a statement and draw people’s eye. Get started making your own plate with our online builder tool today!

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