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Replacement Number Plates

If either of your car number plates is cracked, broken, faded or has marks obscuring the letters and numbers, it is illegal and must be replaced. Luckily you can get new or replacement number plates made at Pro Plates.

Replacement Number Plates made at pro plates

Pro Plates can supply brand new registration plates made custom for your car or motorcycle using the online number plate builder app. All you need to do is go the site and design the best quality plates available, there are many badges and borders to choose from so you can be totally unique and stand out from the crowd.

You may also require an additional number plate for towing a caravan, trailer or if you buy a rear-mount cycle carrier that obscures your registration plate you would also need another. We can provide as many additional number plates required for any purposes.

We can supply numerous sizes as well as the traditional 520mm x 111mm standard oblong, square 11″x8″ 4×4 or 9″x7″ motorcycle number plates in various configurations, The choice is limitless with the road legal laser Charles wright Lettering, Standard, hi-line, 3D and much more.

One of the greatest reasons for a fail come MOT time in the UK is down to the number plates not meeting the required guidelines according to the DVLA.
Here is a short list of number plate failers for MOT’s

    Postcode missing of the number plate maker
    BSAU details missing
    Incorrect spacing of the registration
    The number plate digits not meeting the required size (79mm for a standard sized plate)
    Displaying a badge that is not one of the DVLA identifiers (eg Euro GB)
    Tinted ghosted plate effect making the number plate harder to read
    Faded or deteriorated plates (delamination)
    The number plate is too small

replacement number plates

These are many more reasons we could list, Our FAQ page is a good resource on number plates and we have 24-hour chat so you can always get in contact with your Replacement Number Plates enquires.

“ProPlates true pros”

Outstanding customer experience an service from ProPlates all round from start to finish from designing them on there website build tool to the customer relations an online chat with staff all fantastic a big thank you to Danielle on the staff who kept me up to date with my delivery info an who was a professional an pleasure to talk to. Would highly recommend to anyone private or dealership to use ProPlates for all legal an custom show plates.

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