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Some Custom Number Plates Ideas For Your Car

New custom number plate ideas are hard find. If you’ve looked all over the place for your name or initials and not found anything you fancy, you may be interested in giving up next. So here are some tips for finding your ideal plate that ideally hasn’t been taken already.

Your name

Perhaps the most common form of custom number plate, and regularly the most looked-for, having your name on your plate can really make a declaration.

Unfortunately, many of the top custom ‘name’ plates have been snapped up already, and many of the holders aren’t eager to sell them either. However, you will occasionally find some on the ‘second hand’ market sites or in classified ad sites though, so it’s always worth a look.

Your initials

Countless people don’t want to show their full name on their plate, but still want to obscure the age of their vehicle and add a bit of refinement to it and custom plates with your initials are the perfect way to do both at the same time.

You can get yourself a prefix plate from around £250 from the DVLA, but if you want a version which lacks a date, then you’ll need to browse the second hand marketplace, and also be prepared to pay out quite a bit more for it.

Your occupation or business

Whether you’re proud of your occupation, or are looking to endorse your own business, a custom number plate can be a great way to be prominent on the road.

We’ve seen some brilliant examples of these over our years of operating, such as plates ending in RUG for a carpet fitter, or LOO for a plumber for instance.

Your interests

If you’re avid about something, then a custom number plate can be a brilliant way to tell the world about it. In the same way that people get tattoos of their cherished badges of sports teams, people are now purchasing private plates as well to achieve a similar thing.

You can really be creative here, but to give you some concepts, we’ve seen plenty of custom plates like ‘D4 RTS’ for the darts enthusiasts amongst you, and ‘MUS 1C’ for any audiophiles out there.

Your car make/model

Use your whatever sounds cool that comes to mind head here as there are literally thousands, if not tens of thousands of combinations available, it can be made up of anything unique that will really identify the car. Just be careful and make sure they aren’t already taken, especially if it’s a short one such as M3, which probably taken already.

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