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The Gordon Gekko ‘Wall st’ car number plate is on sale.

The ‘WALL ST’ licence plate is up for sale on eBay

Gordon Gekko imitators are in luck as the owner of the exclusive “WALL ST” New York car number plate has put it up for sale on eBay for $12,000, and it also comes fastened to a Mercedes.

The auction reads as follows: “2002 Mercedes-Benz S430 Sedan along with most sought after plate in New York”. The auction page does however caution that the automobile must continue to be registered in the state of New York in order to keep the licence plate from becoming invalid.

One such website which carries out valuations for vehicles such as this, has valued it at $5,283. This means that the actual number plate on the car is more expensive than the Mercedes itself, accounting for in excess of $6,700 of the asking price.

The owner of the car and plate, bought the plate back in 1976 and originally had it presented on his 1976 Chrysler Cordoba when he was employed at the brokerage of E. F. Hutton.

Fans of Finance might want to keep their eyes peeled for Andrew Ross Sorkin, a reporter for the New York Times who is thought to own the number plate ‘2BG2FAIL’, yet another collector’s item for Wall St. fans or fans of the local stock exchange anyway. The author of Too Big to Fail was given the licence plate in 2009 by Morgan Stanley vice chairman Robert Kindler, who himself upgraded his car number plate to read MNA GUY instead.

The auction for the WALL ST number plate has now closed but didn’t receive any bits at all. Perhaps the seller will relist the item, perhaps not. Even so, all you Gekkos out there will want to keep an eye out if they see a Mercs driving around the Wall Street area anytime soon.

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