New Number Plates ’17’ Released

March 04, 2017 1 min read

March 1st means the release of the new 17 number plates for UK roads for your new cars, and Bikes.

Every year there are two releases of number plate registrations, March 1st (17) and September 1st which will be the 67’s to coin-side with the current year 2017. This opens up a vast amount of possible registrations to read names or something personal to you.

The release of the new 17 registration Number Plates means now is a great time to pick up a brand new car showing last years number plate with a 66, as long as you dont mind people thinking your car is a little older than it is.

We have already seen a few new 17 number plate orders placed with us and people using the 1 and 7 to represent a L and a T. We personally like OH17 WOW and MY17 NEW to show off your new ride. New ’17’ number plates start from £399.00 and we are the very best manufacture of plates to have them made up. Remember we do not sell Registraion’s we only manufacture the number plates and show plates, If you want to display the plates on your car to be driven on UK roads you need to own the V5 document for that mark.

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