‘Smiithy’ numberplate fetches more than £37,000 at auction

January 08, 2013 1 min read

A numberplate featuring one of the most common surnames in the UK has been sold for more than £37,000.

SM11 THY was one of 1,500 personalised registrations being sold in a three-day auction in Warwickshire.

Smithy Number Plate

The numberplate was bought for £37,016. The highest price paid at the auction was £53,988.50 for the registration 90 O.

The record price paid for a personalised registration was set in March 2009 when 1 D sold for £352,000.

The SM11 THY numberplate had a reserve price of £2,000.

The DVLA holds six auctions a year selling personalised numberplates.

Since the auctions began in 1989, they have raised £1.8bn for the Treasury, a spokesman said.

The DVLA has a special department responsible for selecting and marketing personalised registrations.

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