3D Gel Number Plates

Custom 3D Gel Number plates are a premium product to show off your ride, made from the very best materials in-house, Our gel letters are manufactured with advance doming resin which is a superior polyurethane finish for durability and quality.

This Product comes with the pre Sept 2021 Road legal 3D font (black & grey two-tone). This is a BSAU 145d font.

Please space your registration as required, A space of 33mm is normally needed to remain road legal for UK roads. If the plates are being used for show use we are happy to provide with custom spacing. 

When looking to buy gel plates there are a few things to consider and look for

  • Are the gel characters thin and not that raised? this is an inferior product.
  • What type of number plate are they mounted on? Ours are acrylic!
  • Colour depth

By purchasing from Pro plates you are guaranteed the very best with customer service to back it up!

We offer custom Gel number plates, show plates and many other plate types and sizes please see our Custom Number Plate builder


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