EV Number plates

EV Green Number plates for your electrical vehicle, These plates will display a green vertical slash.

The zero-emission number plates make it easier to identify an electric vehicle in congestion charge zones and free parking areas for electric cars, Very popular for Tesla owners.

We are offering EV plates in all plate types from acrylic, gel to stick on (EV sticker plates) and meet all BSAU 145e standards. The plates will be spaced to legal requirements.

For Driving in Europe you can Select a UK (Great Britain) Flag with the option for the UK to be in White or Blue, This replaces the Euro GB identifier.

Smaller plate sizes are available by request.

To order Green Electric car plates you will need to provide a proof of ownership that the car is electric (V5 document), please email a copy with your order number to avoid any hold-ups with sending your order or use the upload section provided.

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