Small Stick On Number Plates (464mm x 95mm)

Smaller sized Stick on number plates for your car when you may not have room or fitting for a standard plastic plate.

Popular with high-end sports cars like Lamborghini's and Ferrari's who are looking for that clean finish.

This smaller plate size comes in 464mm x 95mm which is smaller in height and width than a standard plate size you see on 99% of cars on the road. The plates meet road legal specification when a border is not added.

Self-adhesive Pressure sensitive reflective for easy application to any smooth clean surface, a Weatherproof laminate is applied to all our stick on number plates that protect from UV light to prevent any fading.

Please space your registration as you would like it to appear on your number plate in the text box.

We can make any size required so if you can't find what you're looking for please check out the custom stick on plate product

If you're looking for Stick on show plates please use our number plate designer for many options.