Stick On Number Plates

Self-adhesive stick on number plates, Please choose from the options to create the plates you require.
Perfect for application to your car's bodywork with no damage or glue left behind when it comes time to change them.

These plates are 520mm x 111mm ( standard sized number plates ) and Road legal DVLA BSAU certified, this means we use the very best class A reflective.

What also makes our stick on plates better than all the rest is the protective durable UV laminate, shielding from stone chips and fading so you can buy in confidence, Save some weight too!

Please space your registration as you would like it to appear on your number plate in the text box.

When fitting self-adhesive number plates make sure the surface is completely clean and dry, you then can then place the stick on plate gently in position and fix with a squeegee. To remove you will need to apply gentle heat to soften the glue and peel away.

If you're looking for acrylic number plates please use our custom number plate builder.

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