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Custom Number Plates


Design Your Own Personalised UK Number Plates

You may be browsing around our site wondering what a number plate is; or what the difference between a number plate and show plate?.

Every vehicle used for transportation in the United Kingdom needs to have a unique number plate, which displays the registration information for your vehicle. It represents your place on the official car register, making it easier for police to trace vehicles in the event of an accident or criminal act.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (department of motor vehicles) adopted new standards for number plates in Great Britain in 2001. They lay out certain guidelines for plates to ensure they’re easy for law enforcement to read and log. These standards are based on visibility, reflectivity and strength of materials the plate is made with. You are allowed to customize your private number plates, as long as they’re in regulation with these standards.

A number plate is a necessity if you plan to drive your vehicle on UK roads. Why not get a private number plate that shows off your personality?

How Do I Get a Custom Number Plate?

First and foremost you must buy a personalized registration number from the DVLA registration service. We cannot register your plate. You will get your official numbers from the DVLA.

Once you obtain a registration number, we can make you a customised number plate you can use with your registered motor vehicle. You can decide everything from the border to the text style of your new plate. You can even add a badge and change the background colour to produce special plates.

Using our custom Number Plate Builder, you can design a plate that reflects your personality. The plates we produce adhere to all BSAU 145d standards set down by the DVLA, so you can display them without worrying about violating standards of compliance.

Where Do I Put My Number Plate?

When you have finished designing your customised number plate for your car, what do you do next? Put it on the car, of course. If you haven’t done this before, rest assured you won’t have any trouble. In fact, you can even purchase tools from Pro Plates to fix the plate to the front or back of your car, such as a screw and caps kit or complete number fixing plate.

Why Use Pro Plates for Your Personalised UK Number Plates?

We understand the regulations governing number plates in the UK. We produce number plates that follow all the rules and guidelines so that you can drive-assured knowing that your custom plates are in compliance. We pride ourselves in using high-quality materials that will last. We also offer top-rated customer service in case you have any troubles with your custom plate. No matter the problem or concern, we’ll listen and provide solutions right away.


Are you ready to be different? Use our Number Plate Builder to express your style. Get started today!

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