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Show Plates


Buy Personalised Car Show Plates for Your Car

What is a show plate? It’s just what it sounds like — a car plate that’s just for show. These license plates are made with the same high-quality materials as our number plates. These plates may use nonstandard spacing or fonts. They may have more graphic elements. Overall, they do not adhere to the guidelines at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and therefore cannot be used for driving on UK roads.

But if they don’t meet the DVLA’s guidelines, what do you do with car show plate? Many people use them for non-road cars, such as classic vehicles that stay inside a garage or showroom. Car enthusiasts also purchase them for modified cars that aren’t street legal. There a great option for track days and photo shoots when you dont want you reg on display, as long as you don’t take them out on the road as a substitute for number plates.

How Do Show Plates Differ From Number Plates

Show plates are purely for novelty and decoration. You can’t use them legally on the road instead of a number plate, which is registered with the DVLA and used to identify a vehicle in the event of an accident or crime.

Since show plates serve no legal purpose, they aren’t subject to any regulations. You can make choices with regard to colour, design, and background that you can’t with number plates. Many people relish this chance to exercise their creative muscle — they enjoy making things that look good without any sort of restrictions.

Where Do You Put Show Plates?

You can put show plates wherever you want, really. You’re limited only by your imagination. The most popular usages tend to be cars that won’t go out on the road. Using show plates makes them look more realistic. You can display show plates in other places too, such as:

  • To decorate a room or business
  • As a fun gift
  • On bikes or scooters
  • Car parking spaces
  • Door Sign

The only place you can’t put your show plates is on a vehicle you plan to drive in the streets. You can probably come up with some uses we’ve never even dreamed of.

Why Use Pro Plates to Design Your Show Plates?

We’re proud to say we’ve earned a reputation as the UK’s top maker of customised show and number plates. Our reliability and focus on quality help us deliver products our customers love. And when you run into a problem, whether you get confused about something on the website or want to track down an order, you get customer service that’s second to none. We’ll solve your problem quickly and without fuss.

Start Designing Your Show Plates Today

Is the show car in your garage primed for a new plate? Do you want a show plate you can add to a collection on your basement wall? You can begin designing with our Show Plates Builder today. We offer multiple choices for text styles, borders and slogans. Have questions? Get in touch with us and we’ll answer quickly.

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