Essex Number Plates

The rise in popularity of the county Essex situated in the East of England just north of London is predominantly down to the hit TV show “This Is Essex” which many of the stars moving into presenting on TV, The population of Essex is around 1,455,300 people, only a small percentage of the UK.

We have seen a good amount on enquiries come in for Essex Number Plates since the show, I guess like many other towns and cities people like to show there heritage or place of residence, Cornwall is another area who seem to like having there Cornish flag on there number plates.

We have added 2 number plate badges to our flag section where you can design custom Essex Number Plates, Here are the show plate badges available as replacement number plates.

Essex swords show plate badge

We are also happy for our customers to send in there own badge and we can add it to the number plate builder in the request section or if you want to keep it to yourself we will keep it on file ready for your order.

Alot of new words to enter the urban dictionary seem to come out of Essex, MELT is one that sprung to mind from watching love Island in the summer, again most of the people on that show were from Essex!.

Essex number plate badge

All our number plates including our Essex ones are made from the very best materials and meet all the BSAU 145d standards, we even use premium class A reflective which is beyond the requirement set out by the DVLA, We only supply acrylic faced plates, not the cheap filmed plates you see on ebay and other sellers out there, We have a review on what to look out for when buying number plates.

So if your looking for a set of number plates to show your home town of Essex you have come to the right place!, go check out our plate builder and put the design together, You will see a live preview on how the plate will arrive once purchased, please note this is only a preview and the final outcome is but better and correct. Need a little help with how to use this tool here is a quick Video to show you how easy it is.

“Overall great service”

Had an issue with the wrong logo being put on the received plates however following contact with customer services they were happy to send a new set with the correct logo. Customer services were very efficient in dealing with my order. Only negative is that delivery can take longer than specified through a courier service however this did not spoil the overall transaction. Good quality plates.
Mr Gregory Meier

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